Adding new features to podcasting since 2020


A payment layer for podcasts for direct payments from listeners: inexpensive, instant and global.

This tag is for podcasters to create a direct stream of income from the audience independently from sponsoring.

For podcasters the tag enables:

For hosting services and podcast apps the tag enables:


This is easy to implement for both podcast hosting companies and podcast apps.

It’s supported by a number of podcast apps including Podverse, Breez, Fountain and CurioCaster. It has passed the Apple app store review.

It’s supported by large podcast hosts including RSS.com, Castos, JustCast and RSS Blue.

This monetization model is based on Value for Value. Listeners give value back to the podcaster. Learn more about it here

An example in the wild

RSS.com integrated the Alby Podcaster Wallet API

Listen on a enabled podcast player such as Fountain.fm, select the podcast and send a payment with a message (boostagram).