Adding new features to podcasting since 2020


A simple link, or links, to methods to help fund or donate to a podcast.

This tag is for you if you have a PayPal or Patreon page that asks your listeners for donations.

You can use it to link anywhere: services like Buy Me A Coffee, or even a Stripe payment link, like this $5 tip jar that Podnews set up. Or, you can use it to go to a page with details about advertising or support.


This is easy to implement for both podcast hosting companies and podcast apps.

It’s supported by a number of larger podcast apps including Podcast Addict and AntennaPod, two larger podcast apps for Android. It has passed the Apple app store review for at least six iOS apps.

It’s supported by large podcast hosts including Buzzsprout, RSS.com, Powerpress by Blubrry, and Transistor.

An example in the wild

The Podnews RSS feed contains: <podcast:funding url="https://podnews.net/article/advertising">Support us</podcast:funding>


It is given a prominent place in the podcast information UX:



When clicking the player, a number of additional buttons appear, including a “support” button: